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How To Maintain Your Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter

by Rudolph

The Jump-N-Carry jump starters (JNC) are some of the most popular starters in the market, with a wide range in market sales. This brand has different versions and upgrades which surpass consumer expectations and have grown in favor of users in the industry. JNC company provides a variety of jump starters, including the JNC660 jump starter, one of their top sellers.

Even with their high quality and features, maintenance is crucial and will determine how long your jump starter lasts and its functionality. Although they are designed to function highly and offer as much convenience as possible, you should take the necessary measures to ensure the jump starter is safe and working well.

Versions of the JNC Brand Jump Starters

Jump-N-Carry contains 12 versions of their jump starters. Some are upgrades of the others and have the same functionality with minimal differences. Below are the JNC Brand jump starters.

  1. The JNC325 450 Lithium 12V Jump Starter
  2. JNC345 550 Start Assist 12V Jump Starter Model
  3. The JNC300XL 900 12V Portable Jump Starter
  4. Model JNC4000 1100 Peak Amperes 12V Starter
  5. JNC550A 1100 Amperes 12V Starter. This starter has an added air system.
  6. The JNC660 1700 12V Jump Starter
  7. The Premium Peak Amp JNC770R 1700 I2V Jump Starter
  8. JNCAIR 1700 12V Jump Starter System. This version also has an air system.
  9. Model JNC950 2000 12V Starter
  10. The 3400 Peak Amp 24V JNC1224 Model
  11. 12V Capacitor Model JNC8550 Jump Starter
  12. The 12 Voltage Model JNC8800 Starter

Maintenance of a Jump-N-Carry Jump Starters

You can prolong the lifespan of your jump starter by following simple pointers and instructions. Most precautions and information about the brand are in the user manual. The instructions can differ depending on the upgraded version, although there are only subtle differences. Below are some of the necessary maintenance procedures you can follow.

  1. The jump starter is useless if it is not recharged. After you use it, make sure you charge it and renew the charge once within a six-month period if it is idle for a long time. Do not, however, overcharge it or charge it frequently. It might harm the jump starter.
  2. Do not store it in cold weather, as it loses its electric charge faster. Storage in a somewhat moderate environment will prevent low functionality and increase durability. The recommended temperature is between 10-20 degrees.
  3. Always wipe the starter’s clamps to avoid rusting or less functionality. You can do this immediately after using it or within designated time frames.
  4. The essential part is to follow the safety procedures highlighted in the manual. It will prevent a lot of damage and increase durability.
  5. Ensure you follow a jump starter’s duty cycle. Depending on your car starter, give it periods of rest in between using to optimize the performance. Failure to do that might spoil the jump starter.
  6. Connect and disconnect the cables correctly. Store your Jump-N-Carry jump starter as soon as you finish using it.


Storing and maintaining a Jump-N-Carry jump starter is simple and requires basic knowledge. Although purchasing one is a good investment, all of it will be useless if one fails to follow the safety and information provided by the brand. Following the proper steps will not only maintain the functionality of the jump starter but also ensure that it will last a long time.

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