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Different Types of Lunch Boxes Available Online

by Rudolph

A warm lunchbox with rising steam doubles your appetite, whereas a cold one almost reduces it to nothing. Working class people and students are pretty aware of the cravings that come knocking when the clock strikes 12. That’s where lunchboxes come to the rescue. These are adorable compact containers that help you to carry your boosting doses!

Primarily, the lunchbox industry was limited to only steel or plastic food containers. However, nowadays, the market floods with countless styles and types. You can easily find stylish lunch boxes for adults and children. But what kinds of lunchboxes are there, indeed? Here are some common types.

Different Types of Lunch Boxes Available Online

Plastic Lunch Boxes

Plastic lunchboxes are the most common type of lunch boxes. The lids are usually snap-on (some detach and some flip backward). At the same time, the interior contains partitions to keep the items from merging.

Since they are plastic containers, many users wonder if they are heat enduring or not, and that is fair logic. Fortunately, they are heat-resistant to some extent. However, it would be best if you did not put steaming hot food in them as it may cause the plastic to mix into the food.

Plastic lunch boxes work best for foods that don’t need heating, like salads, fruits, etc. It is also important to note that you should not put them in microwaves as they may crack the container.

Silicon Lunch Boxes

Silicon lunch boxes are your go-to if you like a warm and cozy lunchbox. They can contain warm foods safely as compared to plastic lunch boxes.

Silicon lunch boxes are slightly flexible, so you can quickly tell them apart from plastic ones. Another great thing about these lunchboxes is that they are microwave-safe.

However, microwaving the box with its lid results in leaks and spills because the cap loosens. Similar to plastic lunchboxes, these also have partitions, but the number and sizes vary according to the capacity.

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Stainless steel lunch boxes have a stainless-steel interior and a plastic cover to preserve the food’s warmth. In comparison, some lunchboxes come with stainless-steel caps as well.

Since they are better at maintaining the heat, your food remains warm for a reasonable time. However, you must note that keeping stainless steel lunchboxes in microwaves will damage both the appliance and the container.

Electric Heated Lunchboxes

Electric lunchboxes have two parts. One is a pullable lunchbox you can easily take out and fill with food, while the other is a heating source. The lids are double-walled thermal covers that prevent the heat from escaping and keep the food warm.

There is an electric plug on the back side of the lunch box, which you insert into an electric outlet to heat the food. Add water to the base of the lunchbox and stack the food container on it. Next, close the lid and snap the clips shut. Lastly, plug in the power cable and turn on the power button. These lunchboxes also feature sturdy handles for easy portability.

The Bottom Line

A cozy lunch box is the only way to cure midday cravings. Initially, lunchboxes were simple plastic containers with basic designs that contained food. However, nowadays, there is a wide variety.

When picking a lunch box, there are necessary factors like capacity, material, heat-retaining ability, and microwave safety.

The silicon lunch boxes are best for microwaves. However, plastic stainless-steel lunchboxes are more fitting if you want to keep the warmth for extended periods. Electric lunchboxes are a better option, but they are more fit for settings where electric outlets are available.

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